Stillness is Strength

Jared Brock once said, "Inner stillness is the key to outer strength.” Does that seem backwards to you? 

In today’s frenetic world, most of us never experience true stillness. It’s already hard enough to take time for ourselves — we debate the morality of taking a long lunch break, or of leaving work a few minutes early to catch a fitness class. Given that we are constantly caught in the trap of guilt, it’s understandable that we feel even more wasteful sitting down for 1, 5, or 10 minutes a day to just be still. 

I was the last person who thought she would meditate. Even as a trained yoga teacher, I resisted sitting still. Luckily, the silver lining in my early 2015 health crisis was that I was suddenly left with ample time and motivation to start meditating regularly. 

I started with one minute per day on the Calm app. That app is awesome for beginners because they count your streak of days meditating, and they have great introductory series like “7 Days of Calm.” I began to do longer meditations, and transitioned to using the Headspace app daily.

Headspace requires a minimum commitment of 10 minutes per session. The  creator, Andy Puddicombe, trained at a Buddhist monastery for many years and has an excellent TED Talk, “All it takes is ten mindful minutes.”

Another one of my favorite meditation sources is the Buddhify app, a collection of over 60 meditations for different life situations. I often use their offerings for eating meditation and traveling meditation.

Whatever your vehicle for meditation, the important part is finding a few moments of peace to just be yourself. Beginning the day for you allows you to better handle everything that comes your way over the next 12 hours.

You may also find that those minutes spent in the morning can save you hours during the day. Stillness is where solutions to problems are found, and creativity is rediscovered. 

Everyone has their own favorite meditation position. Whether you are cross-legged on a cushion, seated on a chair, or lying on your back with your legs up the wall, you want your posture of choice to support calmness but also wakefulness. 

Please reach out to me with questions and requests for help starting your own meditation practice. As the world becomes more frenetic, I firmly believe that mindfulness will be the way of the future. 


—Namaste my friends—  

Dorsey Standish