Gain Energy from Structured Socializing

Do you ever get stuck in the grind of work and personal goals and forget to, you know, have fun? Meet new people? 

I challenged myself this week to get out of my comfort zone and socialize with new people. I went to Tuesday Trivia with a new friend and her colleagues, and then spent Wednesday night playing games with other folks at my apartment complex.

Here’s how the deviation from my normal routine helped me:

1) I worked more efficiently during the day so that I was ready to go to the event.

2) Being around new people helped reinforce my identity. After I introduced myself at Game Night, one woman at the apartment complex said, “I was going to say when you walked in, you look like you do yoga!" 

3) I got a lot of energy from structured socializing. There wasn’t as much pressure to make small talk when we were all there for a set activity—answering trivia or playing games. 

4) I gave myself personal growth points for being vulnerable with new people.

Based on my positive experiences with these structured community events, I encourage you to seek out opportunities to meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone and be social!

I recommend bringing along a friend or partner to a new Meet Up group or a neighborhood gathering. Even browse local events—for example, I am attending Designing Your Life with Dave Evans at the Dallas Museum of Art next week.

There are opportunities for personal growth all around us. Go out and make a date for one that speaks to you! Or better yet, schedule a weekly or monthly personal growth night where you do something to nourish your soul. 




Dorsey Standish