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Boost Creativity With Mindfulness

According to a NASA study, 95% of 5-year-olds are creative, but only 2% of adults are creative. The good news? We can recapture creative abilities through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Here are 3 simple research-backed ways to practice mindfulness for increasing creative thinking abilities.

Reduce Stress With A Digital Detox

In today’s world, it’s unrealistic to consider eliminating digital influences from our lives (unless you want to go off the grid!). Here are some simple tips to recruit your technology to work for you rather than against you.

How Self-Compassion Boosts Performance

As a mindfulness speaker and coach, I work with a lot of corporate leaders who are convinced that being hard on themselves will yield better results. Even when I share that research shows self-criticism leads to heightened levels of depression and anxiety, lower self-confidence, and increased fear of failure, these clients are reluctant to embrace a different attitude. Even though self-compassion can be a challenging practice, research shows that the practice improves our performance and our overall well-being.

Scroll With Purpose: Follow These Mindful Social Media Accounts

With over 79% of Americans on social media, it’s important to consider that the content we take in can make our scrolling either positive or negative for our overall wellbeing. One way to bring more intention to your social media usage is to follow positive people and businesses so that you sign off feeling inspired. Follow these social media accounts for mindful, uplifting, and inspirational content.