Cool Down Mindfully with Essential Oils

Cool Down Mindfully with Essential Oils

Happy Summer, friends!

If you're anything like me, your body changes with the seasons. Part of practicing mindfulness is understanding how (and expecting!) our bodies to change and shift. 

During the summer months, I, like many of us, am especially prone to "pitta" (fiery) behaviors and thought patterns. This summer, I've practiced bringing non-judgmental awareness to my tendencies to overexert. I've even approached the accompanying migraine headaches with openness rather than resentment. 

When we get curious about the way things are, we open ourselves up to growth and discovery. Curiosity blocks negative emotions and cultivates non-judgmental awareness, a big part of mindfulness practice.

Another important component of mindfulness practice is anchoring into this present moment using the breath, the body, and the five senses. This is why I love using essential oils so much...

Essential oils reinforce mindful connection to our senses AND naturally treat our imbalances.

My cooling summertime ritual is applying lavender and peppermint oils to my temples and the back of my neck. These cooling oils can reconnect you to senses of smell and touch, while also stopping a headache in its tracks! Plus, the mixture is amazing, all-natural perfume.

When I was researching essential oils, I found a few companies who stood out above the others: Doterra, Young Living, and Rocky Mountain Oils. I am a big believer in spending money on ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable products, and after hours of research, Rocky Mountain Oils products came out on top. Their therapeutic-grade oils come from high quality plants, and I am proud to support RMO as a frequent buyer and essential oils affiliate. 

Here are my favorite RMO oils for late summer & early fall... 

Enjoy these oils & savor the rest of summer!

With love,

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