Honoring a Dear Friend

Honoring a Dear Friend

Let us offer a moment of silence in honor of Megan Getrum, friend to all beings. Megan died the weekend of April 15; her body was found in Lake Hubbard. While there are still many questions surrounding her death,

I have found it most appropriate to channel my energy into honoring Megan's beautiful life. 

Megan practiced yoga many times a week at the Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch location. Her passing came as a shock to our yoga community, where she was always a source of encouragement and hugs. Jennifer Chitwood, owner of the Uptown Yoga studios, commented that she “rarely saw Megan without a smile on her face.” Megan’s death has been difficult to make sense of, to say the least. 

I myself was a good friend of Megan’s—we got together about once a month to make homemade vegetarian pizza and drink kombucha. A true yogi playdate :). While I was over at her house, I got to spend time with her adorable cats and admire her art and photography from all her world travels. 

Megan was such a giver.

In the weeks since her passing, I have come across several little gifts from her—a playtoy for my cat, a llama keychain for my house key… Megan will live on not only in our hearts, but also in the little gifts and sincere compliments she showered upon her community. 

I have struggled to make sense of this tragedy. At first, I was in shock, and spent most of my time assuring everyone else that I was okay while avoiding my yoga mat. Once I started to process the feelings rather than push them away, the true magic happened. I was able to reconnect with my yoga practice and rejoin our beloved Austin Ranch community on the mat. Practicing with Stefanie Tovar, I was able to release so many tears and emotions while supported by my beloved “yoga family.” 

As much as I want to move through the grief as quickly as possible, I am reminded that feeling better is a process rather than a destination. I have cultivated even more compassion for myself and my yoga community in these weeks following Megan's death. What a gift it is to practice yoga in a space where you are comfortable removing social masks and letting your heart breathe. (Thank you, Uptown Yoga!)

My biggest takeaway during this time of grief is that everyone needs habits, family, and community that are there for you unconditionally. For me, it's yoga and the Dallas yoga community. My yoga mat is like my mom and my best friend in one— a completely judgment-free zone where the main goal is showing up for myself.

During this time of grief, I am so grateful to my yoga practice for bringing me back to myself over and over again. Since Megan and I practiced yoga together quite often, I also feel as though I can honor her during my own practice. 

Megan has left a beautiful legacy of compassion, service, and community.

She will forever be a part of the Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch community, and we will continue to honor her through Hanuman Homies outreach in the DFW area. 

Let us all commit to honoring Megan's life by walking outside in nature, offering an extra gift to a friend, and spending time with furry friends. Megan's giving, compassionate spirit will live on in the hearts of all who knew her. Namaste 🙏🏻

Should you wish to celebrate Megan's life, there will be a memorial service held this Saturday, May 6 at 10am at Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center in East Plano (5901 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074).

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