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I am passionate about helping women help themselves. From the yoga mat to the meditation cushion to creating a digital presence, I seek to empower my clients with tools and practices they can adopt themselves. For instance, the web designing coaching process is very interactive. You will go through a series of videos and questionnaires to set your desired vision for your website. Then, we will discuss what is possible using Squarespace templates and features such as blogs, galleries, commerce, and more. 

Once we agree on a vision for your shiny new website, I will set to work designing the navigation framework and style kit. It is your responsibility to write the content for your website, but you can always upgrade your digital package to include my skills in writing and editing copy. Then, the fun part--once we have agreed on the website look, feel, and content, I get to start teaching you how to edit your own website. (In case you're unaware, as an entrepreneur the ability to edit your own website gives you so much freedom and also saves you from incremental web design fees when you want to make changes. Check out Tiffany Han's article on Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Squarespace.)


Dorsey Standish web design coaching

Julianne Schroeder, MS, LPC, NCC

"To say that I was impressed with Dorsey's involvement and outcome of her web design, is an understatement. Her alignment with my vision, expertise, patience, and knowledge made the design process easy and I am over the moon about the finished product!

However, the most valuable aspect she provided throughout the design from start to finish, was her ability to 'coach' me and help prompt changes to my business that I had been wanting to make, but had been hesitant to do for various reasons. Her encouragement and"low-key therapy for the therapist" was truly a gift. Putting your work online can be somewhat of a vulnerable process, and Dorsey helped with building my confidence from start to finish."


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