Everyday Goddesses

"I’ve never met Dorsey in real life, but after reading her writings, I feel like I know her. Dorsey is an engineer and a yoga teacher (who is now focused on engineering a mindful life and bridging the gap between the “hippie dippie” world and the “science/tech” world) who isn’t shying away from sharing herself with the world..."

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TI Diversity & Inclusion Blog:
Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Choosing your major and profession are difficult life decisions to make. Deciding whether to tell your coworkers you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) is an altogether different quandary to address. No one understands this better than four TI engineers.

WFAA / Channel 8:

"Mastermind is a relatively new concept in boutique fitness: a studio that exclusively offers guided meditation. There are no treadmills or pilates reformers. This is a gym for your brain, designed to quiet your relentless mental chatter. Meditation classes are guided by trained instructors..."

Dorsey Standish Yoga For Recovery

Dallas yoga magazine:
YOGA For Recovery

"Addictive behaviors disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, and our environments. In contrast, the word yoga means union, integration, and balance. The practice of yoga is meant to bring all aspects of our lives into harmony."