Dorsey Standish
Dorsey Standish
Mindfulness for Brain Health

Treat Yourself to an Upcoming Offering! 


Self-Compassion Women's Workshop

SUNDAY, September 17 from 1-3PM

Reconnect with self-compassion through mindfulness practice, yoga poses, and self-massage led by Certified Yoga Teacher Dorsey Standish. Licensed Professional Counselor Julianne Schroeder will offer therapeutic insights and connection exercises.

the mat yoga studio

Group mindfulness & yoga classes are a great way to connect with a larger community and receive support on your journey.

I teach Mindfulness at Mastermind Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I teach a variety of yoga classes at Yoga Chikitsa on Thursday evening, Friday lunchtime, and Saturday afternoon. All of the classes I teach are suitable for beginners and new students. Check out my full schedule below!


Weekly All Level Mindfulness Classes


WHO: Meditators of all experience levels will benefit from a quiet thirty minutes on their cushion or seat. 

WHAT: We will review the science-based brain benefits of gratitude practice and enjoy a custom, guided meditation. 

WHERE: Mastermind {3858 Oak Lawn Avenue; Dallas, TX 75219}

WHEN: Tuesdays 9:30 - 10am {Schedule}

WHY: Gratitude has been touted as a superpower by brain scientists who say that regular gratitude practice improves sleep, regulates mood, and combats depression. 




WHO: Meditators of all experience levels will benefit from a quiet thirty minutes on their cushion or seat. 

WHAT: We will review the science-based brain benefits of heart meditation practice and enjoy a custom, guided meditation. 

WHERE: Mastermind {3858 Oak Lawn Avenue; Dallas, TX 75219}

WHEN: Thursdays 9:30 - 10am {Schedule}

WHY: Scientists refer to the heart, which has over 40,000 neurons, as the "little brain" or "heart brain." Focusing our meditation on the heart allows us to attune to the wisdom of the heart. 

Weekly All Level Yoga Classes 

Yoga 101

WHO: Yogis of all experience levels will benefit from Yoga 101! Especially good for new students and students wishing to learn more about the history and teachings of yoga. 

WHAT: Short discussion of a major concept of yoga philosophy or practice, followed by a related physical practice. Poses will be offered with modifications to increase or decrease intensity. 

WHERE: Yoga Chikitsa  {328 W Campbell Rd; Richardson, TX 75080}

WHEN: Thursdays 7:15 - 8:15pm  {Schedule}

WHY: Learn more about the yoga practice you love, and use that learning to get deeper in touch with yourself on the mat.

Deep Stretch Yoga 

WHO: Yogis of all experience levels will benefit from Deep Stretch. Especially good for students with chronic tension, tightness and pain.

WHAT: Grounding & therapeutic yoga session -- ample use of supporting props like bolsters, blocks, straps & tennis balls.  

WHERE: Yoga Chikitsa  {328 W Campbell Rd; Richardson, TX 75080}

WHEN: Fridays 11:30am - 12:30pm  {Schedule}

WHY: Destress and unwind from the work week; open up the body to fully enjoy your weekend activities.

Hatha Alignment: Yoga Wall


WHO: Yogis of all experience levels will benefit from working on alignment at The Great Yoga Wall! This class is especially good for new yoga students and students with physical injuries or disabilities. 

WHAT: Short warmup followed by an alignment practice at the wall. The class moves more slowly as we hold poses for longer and experience the support and guidance of the wall props. 

WHERE: Yoga Chikitsa  {328 W Campbell Rd; Richardson, TX 75080}

WHEN: Saturdays 3:30 - 4:30pm {Schedule}

WHY: Perfect your pose alignment for maximum physical and mental benefits. Enjoy the slower pace and supportive nature of the Yoga Wall to experience deeper opening. 

Studios & pricing

Mastermind Mindfulness


First class $10


Yoga Chikitsa

10 days for $10 | 1 month for $39

Dorsey Standish Yoga Mindfulness Teacher

1:1 Yoga & Mindfulness

It would be my honor to guide you on your journey of yoga and mindfulness practice.

I specialize in teaching beginner yogis & meditators, since I know intimately the challenges of stepping onto your mat for the first time(s).

I also enjoy helping those struggling with body image issues and health challenges. In addition to my yoga teaching certification, I am working towards becoming an Embody Love facilitator and a Yoga Therapeutics expert. 

For existing clients looking to purchase private lessons (packages are discounted!), please click here.



I am certified to teach Yoga at the Wall by Bryan Legere, inventor and co-designer of The Great Yoga Wall. The Yoga Wall is an incredibly therapeutic tool for lasting physical change. Within the first weekend of Yoga Wall training, my body felt longer and more balanced from practicing postures using the support and alignment of the wall. 

I cannot recommend the Yoga Wall enough, especially for beginners and those with physical disabilities. Private Yoga Wall sessions at Yoga Chikitsa start at $100/hour. Please contact me below to learn more. 


More than Mental

Addictive behaviors are ingrained not only in the mind, but also in the body. The founder of Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), Nikki Myers, often says, "The issues live in our tissues." The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) addresses addiction as the mental, physical and spiritual disease that it is. Y12SR is recognized as part of a holistic recovery program rather than as a replacement for the 12-Step Program and other therapies. 

Why Yoga?

Addictive behaviors disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, and our environments. Conversely, the word yoga means union, integration, and balance. The practice of yoga teaches the fine art of balancing our multidimensional lives while living in a complex world. When we learn to breathe smoothly through challenging poses on the yoga mat, we can apply the same principles to remain calm and steady when faced with life's many challenges

Y12SR Classes

Y12SR is a relapse prevention program. The community-oriented classes are facilitated by Y12SR leaders, or space-holders. The classes are open to anyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. No regular Y12SR classes are currently being offered, but there may be periodic Y12SR workshops at Yoga Chikitsa

Additional Resources

For more support in recovery, check out Tommy Rosen's Recovery 2.0 community. You can access his Recovery Resource Guide here

Don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of service in terms of private Y12SR sessions or Recovery Coaching. Namaste!