I activate growth and innovation by sharing my passions with those around me. From technology to mindfulness, I bring people together to share in positive change.

Analyze materials from the palm of your hand and design with the smallest, most efficient DLP® chip for Bluetooth®-enabled mobile near-infrared sensing measurements.

I drive major technical innovations. My work at Texas Instruments and the University of Pennsylvania produced four TI products released to market, a U.S. patent, and technical publications in IEEE and Novus Light

At Texas Instruments, I led multi-million-dollar R&D programs in high brightness digital projection and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. Most recently, my ten-person engineering team released the NIRscan Nano development platform, which uses TI DLP® technology to power the first handheld NIR spectrometer with Bluetooth connectivity. My participation in marketing execution resulted in over 200 module sales and $500k in revenue within the first six months of release. 

My early transition from mechanical design to engineering management reflects my unique strengths in technical communication. Through in-person and remote communications with customers and suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and the US, I continue to bring people together across cultures and technologies.